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   CB Compact Enclosures
  • Multi-folded periphery of the enclosure to avoid water and
     sundries entering into the inner enclosure;
  • Cold rolled steel welded frame with strong structure;
  • All-round foamed PU seal in the door with good protection
  • Molded door border with exquisite image and strong
  • Door can be open from left or right
  • Door can be turned to 110 degrees with hinge, and
     180 degrees with special hinge;
  • Adjustable mounting panel;
  • M8 earth pole is mounted on the body, door and the
     mounting panel;
  • Mounting hole drilled at the back of the enclosure, no
     need extra holes

Degree of protection :
  • Comply with IEC60529, EN60529/10.91 and
     GB4208-93 standard;
  • Small size enclosure with IP66 (width and height less
     than 400mm);
  • Width and height over 400mm enclosure with IP55;

  • SPCC cold rolled steel;
  • Thickness: mounting panel: 2.5mm, others: 1.5mm

Surface finish :
  • Body of enclosure and doors
     Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, electrophoretic
     dip-coated printed, static powdered with textures stove
     enamel RAL7032;
  • Mounting plate (SPCC cold roled steel)
     Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, electrophoretic
     dip-coated printed, static powdered with flat coating

  • Available for mounting various kinds of electronic
     component, controlling and cables entrance;

Multi-folded protection

Adjustable mounting plate

Molded door border

POwdered surface with stove enamel
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